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Nick StevensNick Stevens
11:28 06 Aug 23
The JKA dojo I visited yesterday was an absolute gem, radiating warmth, friendliness, and a strong sense of family. It was headed by Sensei David Rigby. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I was greeted with genuine smiles and positive vibes. The camaraderie among the students was remarkable, they supported and uplifted one another, creating a true sense of belonging. This dojo truly embraces the essence of family, where respect, discipline, and personal growth are instilled in every participant. It's a place where bonds are forged, learning and amazing memories are made. It made me wish I was from the Gilles Plains Area.
Adam MarshAdam Marsh
11:17 06 Aug 23
Alex KingAlex King
02:21 22 Jul 23
I have been training with JKA Adelaide since 2017. Both adults and kids can learn self defence skills and character development under Sensei David Rigby, who has been training in Shotokan Karate for over 50 years. The atmosphere is friendly and non-threatening, and the training is of the highest quality. JKA is the most prominent Shotokan organisation in the world - no McDojos here. I highly recommend JKA Adelaide to anyone looking to learn self defence, build discipline and improve character development, as well as making friends along the way.
Traditional Budo karate taught by the most technically sound and compassionate Sensei I have encountered. Fantastic with all students - be it kids from 4, adults or those in retirement. Cannot recommends enough!
Mark KMark K
23:22 18 Jul 23
Dave Sensei is one of the most amazing teachers that I have had the good fortune to train with. I started back at Karate in 2018 after a long hiatus (around 22 years) and earlier this year obtained my 1st Dan (Black belt). A hard and testing journey, but, Dave Sensei is extremely helpful and patient. He has been practicing and teaching Karate for over 40 years and his passion for the art is tangible. And even after all that time he still considers himself a student of Karate. He has been a part of mine and my daughter’s Karate journey for almost 6 years now and we love seeing him at our dojo’s training sessions and down at Gilles plains for his seminars. JKA Karate has high standards and as such so does Dave Sensei. So at least you know that what you are being taught is being taught at the highest standard around. If you have not already given Karate a try, try it out with Dave Sensei. I can guarantee that if you want to practice this art, you will be happy with Dave Sensei.
Sam AbbaSam Abba
12:22 28 Jun 23
JKA Adelaide is such a safe, inclusive and supportive environment. I am proud to be a part of this traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate School. I highly recommend this club to anyone considering trying martial arts, regardless of age, physicality or skill level, everyone is welcome. The benefits are far beyond physical fitness and self defence.
Jeffrey SopelJeffrey Sopel
11:23 26 Oct 22
A great place to learn traditional karate. Very friendly and supportive atmosphere amongst everyone that trains there
Great, traditional Shotokan karate. Highly recommended even/especially for kids. Sensei has a immense patience for them.
Daniel FitzgeraldDaniel Fitzgerald
21:20 19 Apr 19
I have two children enrolled at JKA Gilles Plains.The instructors are incredibly patient and encouraging. My son has a very active mind and can be difficult to manage but the Sensei David has earned his respect.I would highly recommend JKA academy to anyone wanting to learn a martial art with world class instruction and developmental guidance.
Matthew SmithMatthew Smith
04:45 19 Jun 16
The life skills and friends myself and my family have gained from the AAKS will last me a lifetime! World class instruction and guidance cannot be found just anywhere and there is nowhere I would recommend so highly as JKA Adelaide.Matthew Smith2nd Dan JKA

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