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Adults Self Defence

JKA Karate is much more than just self-defence.

The greatest component to self defence is confidence!  Karate is designed to build the entire character of students, from self discipline, confidence, speed and strength, specific skillsets, hand/eye coordination, tenacity, endurance, fitness, mental clarity and nervous system.

Karate will shape you into someone who is less likely to be a target.  JKA Karate will teach you many things about yourself and how to respond to an attacker.  You will be able to initiate a measured response to the legitimate level of threat posed by an opponent.

Adult classes run through many weekday mornings and evenings.  Please refer to the class timetable for days and times.

Seniors Self Defence

Karate instruction is not fear-based, but serious fun, and empowering, focusing on what you can do, not what you cannot do.  Regular skills practice of simple but effective self-defence moves motivate and assist our students to keep fit and healthy, both in mind and body.  Being active and promoting a healthy lifestyle is our goal for our students.

Our program can be adapted to people with any ability or skill level.  Intellectual or physical disability isn't a limitation in karate, just another challenge to overcome.  With the help and support of your health care team, Dojo community and Sensei, training at our school will help to develop confidence, improve self-esteem, to enable people to accept the challenges of today and of the future.

Experience the thrill of trying something new in a safe and accepting atmosphere. Challenge your mind and your body, reap the rewards of regular all body exercise.  Make new friends, with a zest for living a full life.  Educate yourself on alternative methods of conflict resolution. Confront your fears and invite competition back into your life with tournaments and gradings.  Learn about an interesting culture and traditions with JKA Karate.

When was the last time you tried  something different?

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